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Virtual University Admission 2023 – VU admission 2023



Virtual University Admission 2023: Apply now for Fall session in Diploma, Associate Degree, BS, and graduate programs at the Virtual University of Pakistan.

The Result Awaiting candidates may apply for admission on the basis of a Hope Certificate.  The last date to apply for Admission is September 18, 2023,for detail visit

Admission Guidelines
[ Fall 2023 ]

  1. WHO CAN APPLY FOR Virtual University Admission 2023?

    1. The applicants fulfills the basic admission requirements of a degree / diploma programs must possess the following documents:
      1. Valid CNIC / B Form number
      2. Valid Email address (Preferably applicant’s own)
      3. Cell Phone number (Preferably applicant’s own)
      4. Photographs of applicant (Passport Size with Blue Background)
      5. Scanned documents with clear readability
      6. Equivalence Certificate from IBCC and HEC in case the applicant having A / O Level Certificates and Foreign Degrees as applicable.
      7. Course Contents, original NOC from Previous Institute and original Incomplete Result Card(Only for the applicants who are seeking admission on the basis of credit transfer/course exemption through General Route based on the Incomplete Bachelor Result Card).
    2. Admissions to the Foreign or Dual National students will be offered after completing necessary codal formalities / confirmation from the respective offices (HEC, vetting agencies). Such applicants may visit VU website link detailed information and necessary documentations to be provided to the University.


    1. The applicants seeking admission towards Biological Programs BS Bioinformatics, BS Biotechnology, BS Zoology Programs, Diploma in Bioinformatics & Diploma in Molecular Biology will be required to select Lab preferences as merit will be determined LAB Wise except MS in Computer Science Program.
    2. The merit list of successful candidates will be published at VU website on prescribed dates as per Admission schedule.
    3. Successful candidate will deposit fee within due date.

  3. GENERAL INFORMATION Virtual University Admission 2023

    1. Admissions will be opened as per the schedule given as above.
    2. The Admissions will not be processed on the basis of HOPE CERTIFICATE.
    3. Admission Forms received after due date will not be accepted.
    4. The documents must be uploaded in the system as per given instructions in the system.
    5. Incomplete Admission Forms will be rejected, so carefully upload readable complete sets of documents to avoid any inconvenience.
    6. We advise the applicants to enter their own and correct CNIC number(s) by filling the Registration form during SIGN UP to avoid the rejection of the admission form.
    7. If a candidate is already enrolled at VU with a regular admission status, they are required to first cancel their old admission before applying for a new one.
    8. The applicant(s) shall responsible for the following: –
      1. Furthermore, the applicant(s) may deposit the admission fee against one admission form only. However, if the applicant(s) submit fees for multiple programs, the University has full authority to cancel admission for one or all of the programs and confiscate the deposited fee.
      2. Provision of correct information without concealing facts.
      3. The University shall blacklist and confiscate the fee/degree, etc. at any time in case of mis- statement, false information found in this admission form or bogus documents provided by the applicant.
      4. The University has right for non-consideration of admission for the applicant’s having incomplete admissions forms or deposited admission of form fee/dues after due date.
    9. NADRA integrates the University’s admission and registration process. Therefore, the NADRA system verifies the particulars of the applicants before accepting them.
    10. The University will offer admission on a provisional basis to eligible applicants (Fall 2023) initially. Thereafter, the admitted students will have to appear physically before the commencement of midterm semester examinations as published in the Academic Calendar along with their original Academic Documents for verification at the following campuses [Registrar’s Office Staff]:

  4. Virtual University of Pakistan

    Head Office, Sir Syed Memorial Society, Sector G 5, 19-Attaturk Avenue, Islamabad.
    Phone:0423 – 111 880 880; Ext. Nos. 241, 344, 349

  5. Virtual University of Pakistan

    A. Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, off Raiwind Road, Lahore.
    Phone:0423 – 111 880 880; Ext. Nos. 9668,347,9619

  6. Virtual University Campus- Gujranwala

    Near Jamia Muhammadia, Kangniwala, G.T. Road, Gujranwala.
    Phone:055-4808184, 055-4808385, 055-4551109

  7. Virtual University Campus- Multan

    Bridge Lane Tower, Near chowk Kutchery, LMQ road Multan.
    Phone:061-9330628, 061-4513125 Mobile: 03090200691

  8. Virtual University Campus- Malir

    Malir Town Campus, Karachi, A-65. First Floor. above H.B.L. Kala Board, Near Mohammadi Imam Bargah, Malir Town Karachi.

  1. Overseas applicants will appear through Zoom/Video Connectivity along with their original academic documents for verification before the commencement of mid-term system examinations for the confirmation of their provisional admission.

  1. Course Exemption:

    1. General Route

      The applicants of the following category can apply for Course Exemption through general route:

      1. Moreover, applicant(s) intend to apply for Course Exemption based on already qualified courses from VU (Incomplete Degree/Diploma/Certificate).
      2. Applicants studying at any HEC recgonized University/Institute and intend to transfer/exempt their qualified courses towards Virtual University of Pakistan.

  1. Entry Route

    1. The applicants having completed 14/16-years of Bachelor degree e.g. BA/B.Sc./B.Com, Associate Degree and BS degree programs may apply for admission through BS Entry Route. However, such applicants shall meet the basic admission eligibility criteria of the BS Program.
    2. The Equivalence Committee of University will evaluate the course exemptions cases based on the requisite qualification.
    3. Credit Hours Transfer / Course Exemption policy/rules are available in the following VU website link



  • Furthermore, the following programs are not available for international applicants: MSCS, BS Psychology, BS Bioinformatics, Biotechnology and Zoology, and Diploma in Molecular Biology.
  • Additionally, if the CNIC is not compatible, the University will decline the admission form.
  • Additionally, the Zero Semester option is not available for the following programs:
    • MS Computer Science
    • BS English (Applied Linguistics), Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Zoology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering.
    • ADP Computer Networking, Database Management System, Web Design and Development, Computer Science, Education, Early Childhood Care and Education English (Applied Linguistics), Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Zoology & Mathematics
    • Diploma in Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Linguistics & English Language Teaching (ELT).


Virtual University of Pakistan

M.A. Jinnah Campus,

Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore




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