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PHY101-GDB 100% Correct Solution For Introduction To Physics

PHY101 GDB Solution

Question PHY101:

PHY101 Suppose you are in a submersible at 3500m depth below in sea water. Suddenly one of electronic circuit of submersible becomes out of order, on diagnosing you found the resistance of 250ohm has damaged. Your electronic circuit may restore if you replace this resistance.

On searching your toolbox you found a packet of resistances of 1000ohms value only. This is very difficult situation for you as no one can provide you the resistance of 250ohm. The question is that you can use 1000ohm resistances to restore your circuit if yes how? Either yes or no explain it with solid reason.


No, you cannot use 1000 ohm resistors to restore the circuit. The resistance value of a resistor affects the overall behavior and performance of the circuit. Typically, when designing a circuit, engineers consider a specific resistance value to meet the requirements.

In this case, the designers specifically design the circuit to achieve a resistance of 250 ohms. If you replace the 250 ohm resistor with a 1000 ohm resistor, the circuit will not function properly. The current flow through the circuit will be reduced, and the voltage drop across the resistor will be increased. This could damage other components in the circuit.

The best course of action would be to try to find a 250 ohm resistor. If you cannot find one, you may need to surface the submersible so that a qualified technician can repair it.


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