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MGT510 – Total Quality Management GDB 100% Correct Solution

MGT510 GDB Solution

Question MGT510:

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”. John Ruskin

Does this statement supports Deming’s system of profound knowledge? Provide supportive arguments with your opinion.

Answer MGT510:

Yes, John Ruskin’s statement aligns with Deming’s system of profound knowledge. Deming emphasizes the importance of understanding the system, managing variation, and applying knowledge to achieve quality and continuous improvement. Ruskin’s statement acknowledges that quality is not accidental but requires intentional and intelligent effort. It highlights the need for understanding and applying knowledge to consistently produce high-quality outcomes. Overall, both perspectives emphasize the significance of deliberate and informed actions in achieving quality.

To access the MGT510 GDB No 1 Solution for Spring 2022, all students can visit the link provided below.


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