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MGT301- Principle Of Marketing GDB 100% Correct Solution

MGT301 GDB Solution


Buzz Institute of digital marketing is an online institute selling digital marketing courses online. They have designed a course for 6 months including 15 modules like SEO, SMM, Email marketing, SEM, etc. There will be online live Zoom classes and recordings of these classes are also available for students. Institute wants to price this course around Rs. 80,000 with monthly installments. Discounts will be given for one-time payment and for the first 100 students. They want to promote the institute and sell this course online through digital marketing platforms using the latest digital marketing techniques. They also want to redirect users to the institute’s website where they can grab more information, talk to representatives and register for the course.


Being a marketing person you have to design a marketing mix (4ps) for a digital marketing campaign of Buzz Institute. Keep the following points in mind that need to be discussed while analyzing Marketing Mix Elements.

  1. Product/Service: Describe the product or service that will be featured in the digital marketing campaign. Analyze how the advertisement highlights the unique features, benefits, or competitive advantages.
  2. Price: Describe if the advertisement communicates any pricing information, discounts, or special offers related to the product. Discuss how pricing considerations are incorporated into the advertising campaign.
  3. Place: Describe how the advertisement directs viewers to purchase or obtain the product/service. Analyze if the campaign will effectively utilize digital marketing platforms to facilitate product/service distribution or provide information about any physical locations.
  4. Promotion: Elaborate on the promotional tactics that will be used in a digital marketing campaign. Discuss the message, creative elements, and call-to-action used to engage and motivate viewers to take action.


Product/Service: Buzz Institute’s 6-month digital marketing course offers 15 modules covering SEO, SMM, Email marketing, SEM, and more. Stand out with live Zoom classes, recorded sessions, and expert instructors. Gain practical skills and knowledge for success in digital marketing.

Price: Get Buzz Institute’s digital marketing course at Rs. 80,000, with flexible monthly installments. Enjoy exclusive discounts for one-time payments and as part of the first 100 students. Discover unmatched value and returns on investment.

Place: Visit Buzz Institute’s website for comprehensive course details, interact with representatives via live chat, and easily register online. Our digital marketing campaign leverages various platforms, eliminating physical barriers. Seamlessly access the course and drive enrollment.

Promotion: Engage with our powerful digital marketing campaign. Emphasizing the course’s relevance in a competitive landscape, we showcase captivating visuals, student testimonials, and success stories. Take action now – visit our website, explore the course details, and enroll to unlock your digital marketing potential.

To access the MGT301 GDB No 1 Solution for Spring 2022, all students can visit the link provided below.


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