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CS602 – Computer Graphics GDB 100% Correct Solution


A team of architects is designing a new building and needs to create a 2D drawing to represent the building’s exterior. They have to decide between using a parallel projection or a perspective projection for the drawing. Which projection would be the most feasible choice for the project based on the team’s needs?

Read the following instructions carefully before sending your comments:

  • Your discussion must be based on logical facts and in-depth knowledge of topic is must for that.
  • Your comments should be relevant to the topic i.e., clear and concise.
  • Your comments must not increase from 80 words, otherwise zero marks will be awarded for lengthy comments.
  • You should post your comments on Graded Discussion Board & not on the Regular MDB.
  • Both will run parallel to each other during the time specified above.
  • Books, websites, and other reading material may be consulted before posting your comments.
  • No extra time will be given for discussion.
  • You cannot participate in the discussion after the due date or through e-mail.


Based on the team’s needs, a parallel projection would be the most feasible choice for the 2D drawing. Parallel projection accurately represents measurements and proportions, making it suitable for conveying precise information about the building’s layout and structure. It is commonly used in technical drawings and architectural plans, providing clear and accurate representations. Perspective projection, while visually appealing, introduces distortions and is less suitable for conveying precise measurements. Therefore, a parallel projection is the logical choice to fulfill the team’s requirements efficiently.

To access the CS602 GDB No 1 Solution for Spring 2022, all students can visit the link provided below.


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